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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Supercar Gang wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Please enjoy the holiday season and drive safe!  We hope to improve  and see our site more active in the new year. Keep playing the awesome new racing games with supercars and hope you can get more, we hope you get what you want for Christmas.  Me and my fellow staff of The Supercar Gang are full of holiday cheers, seasons greetings everyone! Please spread the festive cheers around TSG!

Posted By: Matt_Supercar
4:36 PM (Australian Central Time)

We have reached our first anniversary of the site!

It has been exactly one year since we started out as The Supercar Club. I worked very hard from the humble beginnings to launch this site and it was all worth the effort put into it. After that, Mustang Man 2003 joined in and was keen to help out as an admin. We are great buddies and it was great pleasure getting our supercar group moving along with a nice website. There has been some ups and downs such as having difficulty to get this site active or inviting new members, but we never give up hope. I decided a name change from The Supercar Club to The Supercar Gang around early 2009. Up to around mid 2009, a stranger on Facebook called Jordan Garstang made friends with me and asked me to let him become admin and I was kind to give him a go. He loves Ferrari and is a big supercar enthusiast, he's known as jord_fezza on this site. Then a few days after I invited KrazyBoy as admin status, he had been a close and trustful friend to me. A few months on, I saw jord_fezza and KrazyBoy was too busy with other things in their lives and was inactive from The Supercar Gang for a while so I thought it was best that they took a break from admin. It was a hard thing to do but they didn't complained about being demoted down to a regular member. I'm the founder, admin and owner of this site so I had to do what I can to keep this site going despite there were times I were too busy. Sorry for not keeping up to date as we should, but we're still in business! I still believe me and Mustang Man had put in a lot of effort from the launch of the site and most of this year. Also thanks to some of our members that suggested us the cool features for this site. I uploaded some NFS5 mods at the earlier stages of the site development, I still plan to add more when I have spare time. I added a lot of chatboxes, shoutboxes, chatrooms, music players, some mini games, a calendar, etc. The supercar reviews on blog pages are also an enjoyable feature for people to read and comment on, so please tell us what you think about those supercars or let us know what are your favorites. I'm proud of how we have grown up to today and we will keep it going for many years to come. Please keep the forums be alive and enjoy! 

Posted By: Matt_Supercar
9:05 PM (Australian Central Time)

Latest Update on the Site!

The launch of our new Supercar Reviews Blog has happened! So if you have any super cars that you (our fantastic community) want reviewed then send Matt_Supercar or MustangMan2003 an email you can reach us at:


Mustang_Man 2003:

We have also added some more pictures to the Gallery so check em out!

Notice to all users & visitors, this site's domain is changed  to which is no longer 

Posted by: Mustang Man 2003

Introduction of the site!

Hello people and lets start with a common set list of regulations:
1. If flaming of any member of the forums happens, your privileges will be revoked.

There will be an area set in the forums for off topic discussion to take place keep it there.

At any instance of flaming happening and your warning has been already given then it will result into a ban of you from the forums until admins feel you should be allowed back.

No swearing/course language are allowed to be used at all, we won't tolerate them.

No showing rude & pornography images, this site is for all ages. 

Now enjoy your stay with our site & the forums!