The Supercar Gang
Forum rules The Supercar Gang is growing rapidly, and we wanted to ensure that all of our members are aware of how we run our website. Please familiarize yourself with our rules before posting!

 Posting in General
 Everyone has the right to their opinion, so respect it!
 We will not discriminate against people based on their gender, age, race, or ethnicity. It isn't right, and if we catch you doing it you'll have problems.
 If someone asks a question, please answer it truthfully and respectfully. Just remember that at one point, you were asking the same questions!
 Calling people "noob", "loser", or any other derogatory names won't fly here. If you have problems with someone, deal with it outside of The Supercar Gang.
E) Flame War:
 A heated, angry exchange of messages, usually in a public forum. Implies the complete absence of thoughtful, respectful discourse. Don't do it.
F) Trolling:
 Deliberately provoking arguments on newsgroups or bulletin boards, with no other intent than to gain attention for the sake of attention. Don't do this either.
 We don't use swear filters, but we ask that you're considerate when you use swears. Posting derogatory comments will result in your post being edited. (Excessive abuse of this will potentially result in the implementation of a swear filter system.)
 The posting of child-pornography/illegal sexual content will result in us ban you from our website.
 You are allowed to have 1 account on The Supercar Gang. If you're banned, wait out your sentence. If we find that your IP is logged on two accounts, then we'll ban you.
This is done to ensure fairness and respect of the rules.
 We do not allow the posting of illegal software/hacks (aka warez), sexual content, or any copyrighted materials on this forum, nor any violence or hate-crimes.
L) No spam, whatsoever. Spam includes: 1)
 Advertisements, random and useless crap, and any other junk that doesn't advance this community forward.
 It's time you all learn what the following words mean, and stop using them because you find them "funny". You use them, you'll be warned.
1) Faggot:
 offensive terms for an openly homosexual man.
2) Mental Retardation aka Retard:
 A term for a pattern of persistently slow learning of basic motor and language skills.
 Signatures can contain up to 1 image. If you use multiple namebars, try to keep them down to a minimum. Violations will result in edits containing instructions on what to change made by staff members and/or warnings.

II) Posting Polls A)
 Polls should be used to benefit the community, not disrespect or put down someone.
 Inappropriate polls will be edited or deleted depending on their level of inappropriateness.
 If you don't like the poll, then report it. But don't report it because you don't like the thing being polled, or the poster, etc..
 If a poll, such as "Who should be staff?", or "Is John Smith gay?" are not allowed. We'll decide who becomes staff, and whether John Smith is gay or not is irrelevant (we're all equal).

III) Moderation & Enforcement A)
 The administration will decide who will become staff, simple as that.
 Asking if you can be staff will result in you never becoming staff.
 If you don't like the way we mod, or feel that someone is abusing their powers, please tell us.
 If you just don't like a staff member, ignore them, but don't ignore their warnings.
 We pledge not to abuse our powers, and you can count on that. This means:
 We won't ban someone for any random reason. Such a ban is commonly called "Pulling a Geise" or "Pulling a Beo"
 We don't ban someone because we don't like them or their ideas/personality
 We will ban when someone when they:
 Fails to yield to our warnings many times, and becomes an annoyance to members
 Breaks a serious rule (eg: posting pornography), we will ban that person.
 Hate-crimes, and things of the like will cause a ban. We are all humans, and we are all equal.
 Claiming to be and acting like The Supercar Gang staff is not permitted!

IV) Car Theft A)
 The Supercar Gang does not permit the pirating of another's car.
 Cars found to be pirated on The Supercar Gang will be deleted, the original author will be notified, and pirate will be banned.
 Reporting Inappropriate Content
 Reporting stuff to ANY staff person is key!

 Polls & Comments
 Be honest and fair when you cast your poll votes and comments on stuff.
 Don't put a negative grade because you don't like the person, etc...


We encourage you to have as much fun as possible, be creative, and invite your friends! We want
 The Supercar Gang to be successful, and we can only do this with fun and creative members :-)

We do recommend our members to have at least some basic knowledge about supercars and being enthusiastic of this topic. 

More rules may set when necessary!